Thing 4 – Exploratory Bloggery

After sifting through a few other blogs from the realm of education I have some thoughts of my own to share:

  • Reading a blog carries both more weight and less weight – more weight because what I am reading is from a person.  Someone like me who did something, sat at a computer, thought about it and reflected it into a carefully read and re-read document for the world to see.  It meant something and that is why it exists.  Less weight because…well, who IS that person writing to me on the blogosphere?  Take this guy, for example – he sites his graduate work…ok, I believe him.  He talks like a real guy, not a text book – also endearing.  How do I know he’s not a 15 year old trying to start a no-homework revolution?
  • Reading a blog is like getting slapped in the face with an encyclopedia…wikipedia…whatever you kids call it these days – You know those commercials trying to tell you to use BING instead of GOOGLE?  I love those commercials.  For someone to love call 555-1258.  Call internationally for free.  Free degree online from your home.  Need a new home mortgage?…Click here.   Enough said…I think.
  • Careful not to stick your blog in your mouthThis woman tells the horrors of viral video.  She asks how people can be so cruel to post these things.  Then she links to them to make her case.
  • The best blogs about students, come from students – What an awesome tool for learning.  Agree or disagree, but this blog on brevity was honest, thoughtful and brief.
  • Blog writing allows the author to be casual – Educationally speaking, it is easier to thoughtfully interact when you feel like you are in a casual conversation.  This is why the Borg said, “Resistance is futile” instead of just inviting the crew of the Enterprise over for some salsa and IBC.  Oh…not a fan, huh?  Do you want your students to listen and regurgitate, or to discuss and have a handle on the facts of your class?
  • I can control your thoughts suggest vocal inflection in my blog – Did you just have the feeling that I made you think something you were uncomfortable with?  I DID!  AND NOW I’M YELLING AT YOU.  This all goes to make a point that once u drp cnventns of grmr, cre8tivity will gt u. I’m no big fan of grammer, but I H8 when my mom texts me like this.  A textbook would never let you get away with that.  Now…who will stop you?

Here is the end thought, I promise.  This is just like the library (remember that place with all the books and the card catalog?).  You can go in that place and spend all day chasing leads and learning new things from any book you found.  The teaching comes in the direction you are set by your teacher.  I can blog, but my blog needs to be clean of clutter and on point for my students (thanks, district, for getting rid of the ads).  If my students comment, I need to moderate to make sure they are directed and appropriate – not to tell them what to say.  The rest is up to them, thats the point of WEB 2.0.

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